Modern Control

This course was instructed by Prof. Davaei Markazi, and I got 19.2/20. What I am significantly proud of is that my assignmnets in this course were given to fellow classmates as key solutions. The main reference source for this course was Control Engineering: A Modern Approach written by Pierre R. Belanger. My projectwhich was about Control of Double Inverted Pendulum Benchmark, additionally, got perfect grade.

Mini assignmnets:

These assignmnets were given by the instructor to assess the students intuition and understandings while teaching.

Download all mini assignments.

Main Assignmnets:

These assignments were given by the teacher assistant to assess students’ knowledge in the course

Download assignment 1.

Download assignment 2.

Download assignment 3.

Download assignment 4.

Final Project:

THe main Project, which had a significant proportion of overall grade, and took long time to be done

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